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Jackpocket, a lottery app in the United States, has released a Q2 report on the state of digital lottery play in the country. The report highlighted annual increases in digital lottery play for the 12 states in which Jackpocket operates, including New York, New Jersey, and Texas, using data drawn from app users’ playing habits throughout the quarter.
Furthermore, when compared to the previous year, Mega Millions and Powerball play increased in these states, according to the report.
“Quarter over quarter, we continue to see growth and opportunity in the digital lottery space,” said Jackpocket CEO and Founder Peter Sullivan. The Mega Millions and Powerball market share of the Jackpocket app has increased in all states where Jackpocket is available, and we expect this trend to continue.

“People value digital convenience these days, and Jackpocket is proud to provide a solution for existing lottery players as well as introduce new players to this beloved form of entertainment.”

The report went on to provide some interesting statistics, such as the fact that 42% of players used the Quick Pick product to select numbers, while 58% chose their own. 31% of winning players used Quick Pick, while 69% chose their own.

Female lottery players fell slightly year on year to 41%. Male players, on the other hand, increased marginally to 59%.

Ohio had the highest annual digital lottery growth, increasing by 168%, while Arkansas had the highest quarter-on-quarter growth, increasing by 19%.

For the quarter, New York spent the most on digital lottery, while Washington DC spent the least, while the top three states for lottery revenue, New York, Texas, and New Jersey, remained consistent from the previous year. In a deal that gives the company access to special ESPN events and experiences, Jackpocket became the exclusive sponsor of the ESPN New York sports app last week.

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