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In order to promote more responsible gambling, Norsk Tipping has promised to revise its television marketing.
The Norwegian state-owned operator has pledged to reduce the visibility of “more aggressive” games on television and in areas frequented by those who struggle with gambling.
Norway’s gaming market is one of the most restrictive in Europe, with only two companies permitted to offer gambling: Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

As a result, the latter’s promise of change could have significant implications for citizens’ access to games of chance, or at the very least, gambling advertisements. “Now we have to see what is sufficient for us,” said Tonje Sagstuen, Norsk Tipping’s Director of Communications.

“Norsk Tipping will collaborate with measures that reduce the visibility of more aggressive games, which are popular among those who struggle with gambling.”

Her remarks came after the Discovery Network complied with an order issued by the Norwegian Media Authority in April.

Last year, an investigation uncovered “massive and serious” violations involving foreign gambling advertisements on Discovery channels FEM, MAX, VOX, and Eurosport Norway.

As a result, Norway’s five largest TV distributors were ordered to remove the infringing advertisements. This week, a follow-up inspection found no existing violations.

“We found no violations, and the foreign advertising appears to have been removed,” said Mari Velsand, Director of the Media Authority. Much has now been put in place so that even legal actors can limit marketing.”

According to the Norwegian Media Authority, Discovery believes its decision violates EEA law and has taken legal action as a result.

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