Abios and Beter enter into data partnership, facilitated by Betbazar

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Abios has entered into a data partnership for the data rights and fast betting tournament content powered by Beter, facilitated by Betbazar.
Abios will gain access to Beter’s eSoccer and eBasketball data, which includes approximately 14,000 matches per month, under the terms of the agreement, allowing Abios to distribute 24/7, year-round content across its customer network.
Betbazar mediated the deal between the two groups.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Betbazar for the data produced by Beter, an industry leader in creating content for betting and gaming solutions,” said Oskar Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios. “Through our partnership with Betbazar and Beter, we hope to help sportsbooks fill gaps in the highly seasonal sports calendar and provide engaging 24/7 content for sports fans by expanding our eSoccer and eBasketball offering.”

“We have seen a rapid emergence and growth of these content-rich offerings, as well as a consistent demand for this type of product.”

Abios noted that during the early stages of the pandemic, when most sporting tournaments such as football and basketball were cancelled or suspended, many leading sportsbooks were forced to turn to new content to fill the gap in their offering. As a result, eSoccer and eBasketball, among other sports, grew in popularity as filler products.

The group went on to say that esports have proven to be “excellent alternatives” to traditional sports, which frequently have off-seasons for rest and practice rather than competition.

“We are delighted to begin working with Abios, a leading B2B esports data and technology provider, and to be supplying them with Beter Esports events,” said Beter CEO Gal Ehrlich.

“We would also like to thank and appreciate Betbazar for providing us with the opportunity to work with Abios.” We look forward to a fruitful and long-term collaboration.”

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