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AstroPay is developing a new service to reward its “most exclusive clients.”
The company has established a VIP loyalty program that will provide special benefits to certain customers.
Among other things, AstroPay’s new scheme will include promotions, dedicated support, and unique experiences.

“Through this reward scheme, AstroPay continues to demonstrate that users are at the heart of its business, and it is always looking for new ways to reward them for their brand loyalty,” the company said.

While users from “all over the world” will be eligible for AstroPay’s VIP program, they must first meet certain criteria.

Simply put, entry will be determined by the volume of transactions made by users. Account managers will contact any clients who meet the required threshold to begin receiving the program’s benefits.

This decision to reward high-volume users comes despite regulatory bodies’ concerns about VIP programs in general.

Singling out specific customers for preferential treatment has been a problem in a number of gambling markets, including the United Kingdom and Macau. While speaking at IGA, lobbyist Bill Pascrell III alluded to these concerns.

Meanwhile, AstroPay’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sara Rita, commented on the new scheme, stating that the company plans to distribute “thousands of rewards” in 2022.

“We are very excited to launch the new VIP Program.” This demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, making those who have a close relationship with us and continue to use our services feel especially valued,” she said.

“We are constantly providing new and creative offers to our clients, and we plan to award thousands of rewards this year.”

This follows the appointment of two C-level executives by AstroPay earlier this month. Fayyaz Ansari was named the company’s new Chief Financial Officer on August 4.

This was followed by the appointment of Sofa Lanza as Chief Banking Officer a week later.

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