Veikkaus to limit slot machine playing hours from 1 September

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Under new rules that go into effect next month, Finnish gamblers will no longer be able to play on slot machines in stores between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.
Starting September 1, Veikkaus, Finland’s state-owned betting company with a monopoly, will limit residents’ playtime on slot machines.
After that, shops must turn off slot machines after 9 p.m., though this does not apply to slot machines at other points of sale.

Veikkaus has also taken steps to limit the visibility of games. Beginning next month, customers will be unable to view or play games unless they first identify themselves. This includes slot machines in stores, gas stations, kiosks, and restaurants.

“Veikkaus wants to provide the option of going to the store without being able to play on the slot machines,” said Susanna Saikkonen, Vice President of Sustainability at the organization.

“Veikkaus also offers customers the opportunity to completely prevent their own playing on slot machines. The locks can be activated using Veikkaus’ web service or our customer service, for example.”

Finally, these new restrictions are part of a broader set of measures implemented by Veikkaus in recent years.

The state-owned company wants to reduce problem gambling by making it easier to stop playing or avoid things like slot machines entirely.

“Identified gambling is the key to gaining control over one’s own gambling,” Saikkonen continued, adding, “Veikkaus is evolving into a gambling company where all gambling requires identification in both digital and physical channels.”

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