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After partnering with SG Veteris, online casino will now accept cryptocurrency payments.
Mystino can now accept cryptocurrency payments “while being protected from price volatility” thanks to the latter’s Bitpace product.
Businesses can use the ecommerce tool to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and settle payments in their preferred local currency. Mystino can now accept payment in a variety of cryptocurrencies thanks to the integration of Bitpace.

This will also provide an alternative method of paying large winning cash outs, which, according to the iGaming platform, can be “tricky via debit or credit cards” as well as “bank transactions.”

“We are committed to providing flexibility in the banking and payment methods that are available to our customers and are looking forward to a successful partnership with SG Veteris,” Mystino said of Bitpace, which “complements” its existing payment method portfolio.

“It offers a solution that requires little involvement from our side, allowing Mystino to concentrate on delivering an outstanding customer experience with each interaction,” the casino added.

Anil Oncu, CEO of SG Veteris, spoke about Mystino’s decision to bring Bitpace on board. He emphasized the casino’s global reach and the product’s ability to facilitate “cross-border trade.”

“As a global business, Mystino can benefit from easy cross-border trade because cryptocurrencies are not subject to foreign currency transaction fees, local taxes, or exchange rate fluctuations,” Oncu said.

“Our goal is to make accepting cryptocurrency a simple process and to increase adoption by appealing to consumers who want more places to spend their cryptocurrency.”

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