New developments could extend Las Vegas Strip further north and south

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According to industry insiders, the Las Vegas Strip may one day extend south to the M Resort.
According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, former MGM Resorts executive Alan Feldman believes the Strip could someday extend further south, possibly even to M Resort.
Feldman, a Distinguished Fellow at UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, spoke to members of NAIOP’s Southern Nevada chapter about the future of Las Vegas.

He mentioned a new arena and casino project being developed by Tim Leiweke’s Oak View Group that could push the Strip south.

“If you look at Tim Leiweke and his colleagues’ track record, I have a feeling we’re going to see a slightly different variant, sort of Resorts World 2 at that part of the Strip,” Feldman predicted.

Meanwhile, Josh Swissman, Founding Partner of the Strategy Organization, was focused on the other end of the Strip.

The Oakland Athletics’ planned relocation has been mentioned as a possible destination for Las Vegas, a possibility that Swissman believes could extend the Strip north.

He also believes that once the Fontainebleau resort opens next year, this end will attract additional development. “You will definitely see new hotel towers pop up from existing operators,” Swissman predicted.

He also stated that “you will see more development on existing operator land, and you will also see, in my opinion, a better public transportation system on and around the Strip.”

Despite efforts to limit usage, Feldman warned that water restrictions could stymie future development. “At some point, water will be a limiting factor,” he predicted.

“It’s almost there. The fact that these large hotels have invested so heavily in technology and the sustainability of each property is the only reason they can survive.”

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