70% of Australians say TV gambling adverts should be banned

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According to a new poll conducted by The Australia Institute think tank, 70% of Australians agree that gambling advertisements on television should be prohibited.
The online survey asked a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 people whether they agreed or disagreed with five statements regarding the prohibition of certain types of television advertising. Only 11% thought gambling advertisements should be prohibited.
When the survey results were broken down by gender, 70% of males agreed that there should be a ban, compared to 72% of females.

When it came to age, 69% of those aged 18-29 agreed, with 64% and 70% agreeing for those aged 30-39 and 40-49, respectively. In addition, 69% of those aged 50-59 and 78% of those aged 60+ responded.

Australian broadcasters are required to follow strict rules regarding when and where they can advertise gambling or betting odds, with the effectiveness of such rules frequently entering political debate during this time of year as more Australians watch the Aussie Rules finals.

Victorian MP Zoe Daniel is pushing for more advertising restrictions and a new parliamentary inquiry into the promotion of sports gambling.

“I am deeply concerned about the normalization of sports gambling and the close proximity of gambling advertising to broadcast sport, particularly the AFL and ARL football codes,” Daniel said.

“We have a problem when children are talking about sports betting “multis,” wanting to install sports betting apps on their phones, and even betting on the federal election.”

According to Nielsen, the gambling industry will spend approximately AU$287.2 million (US$196.9 million) on advertising in Australia in 2021.

The survey also looked at advertisements for tobacco, junk food, alcohol, and fossil fuels.

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