California cardroom group targets “big gaming” in new media campaign

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A group representing small and medium-sized cardrooms in California has launched a media campaign to “expose special interests.”
Communities for California Cardrooms (CCC), as the name suggests, is a non-profit organization that claims to represent local businesses.
To that end, the organization has released a video in which it accuses “big gaming” of slipping a “job-killing moratorium on local community cardrooms into the final hours of this year’s legislative session.”

California cardrooms are currently subject to a moratorium that restricts their expansion. However, this is set to expire on December 31, but certain parties are requesting an extension, according to CCC.

This could harm California’s cardroom industry, according to the group. “Any conversation centered on extending the moratorium on the expansion of gambling needs to allow more flexibility for local governments so that they can amend their ordinances to add additional tables,” said Clarke Rosa, President of the CCC.

“A moratorium in the absence of reasonable table expansion creates a significant inequity among local governments with active gaming ordinances.”

According to CCC, California’s cardroom industry employs 32,000 people earning a living wage, the majority of whom are “minorities and underserved communities.” “A continuation of the status quo is unacceptable,” Rosa added.

“Local governments must have the flexibility to amend their ordinances in order to add additional tables, as each table can generate a significant amount of living wage jobs and tax revenue.”

The current legislative session in California is set to end on August 31.

This comes shortly after the Republican Party of California formally declared its opposition to Prop 27, a ballot initiative aimed at legalizing online sports betting.

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