Holland Casino generates €353.4m for H1 2022, repays tax debt

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Holland Casino earned €353.4m ($351.9m) in revenue in H1 2022, with Holland Casino Online accounting for €82.8m.
Furthermore, the operator’s EBITDA was €40 million, contributing to the company’s post-pandemic recovery in 2022.
Despite the fact that coronavirus restrictions continue to impede the Netherlands in early 2022.
Holland Casino’s financial recovery has enabled it to repay €51.7 million in tax debt accumulated during the global pandemic.

The operator also reaffirmed its stance on prevention and compliance in its half-year report, promising to report on these anti-gambling harm measures every six months.

“Fortunately, our loyal guests have found Holland Casino again en masse,” said Nol Leise, Director of Operations at Holland Casino.

And our dedicated employees go above and beyond to ensure that they have a fantastic time at Holland Casino.

“We also see that, despite increased competition, our online guests continue to value our offer.”

As a result, we anticipate a profitable year for Holland Casino.

Of course, that depends on how the corona develops in the autumn and how quickly we can find enough workers in the tight labor market.

“However, these half-year figures provide a promising foundation.”

With renewed energy, we will continue to build a stable, responsible, and future-proof company over the next six months.”

Holland Casino’s CFO Ruud Bergervoet commented on the operator’s partial repayment of its deferred tax amount, which is due on 30 June 2022: “We are making a profit again and are in good financial shape.”

The deferred tax will be repaid in up to sixty installments beginning in October.

“We are also considering whether it is possible and responsible to do this sooner without jeopardizing Holland Casino’s further financial recovery and without losing sight of the normal investment level.”

Leise spoke with Gambling Insider for the July/August issue of the magazine.

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