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Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has stated that working with bookmakers would be worse than promoting alcohol.
When asked why his organization, Eagle FC, does not collaborate with bookmakers, Nurmagomedov responded, “We have plenty of good sponsors with whom we collaborate and put on events.” We don’t require bookmakers.” Gambling, in my opinion, is more dangerous than alcohol. I believe that advertising gambling more than alcohol is detrimental. Bookmakers devastate entire families. How many young men visit their websites, remain on them, and become addicted?

“Whole families are ruined as a result of it.” You are well aware of the power of gambling addiction. It’s the same as having a drug problem. It would be the same if I advertised drugs on this site. For me, gambling and drug addiction are on the same level.”

The UFC Hall of Famer went on to say that sport is the only thing he wants Eagle FC to promote, and that the organization pays close attention to its audience.

“We pay attention to the type of product we provide to our audience,” he explained. “Sport is the only thing we promote.”

“I don’t want people watching us to see ads for alcohol or bookmakers.” It’s extremely important to me. I don’t want people to discover a bookmaker while watching Eagle FC, then become addicted to their website.”

Nurmagomedov’s beliefs echo those of two-time world heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, who stated in February 2022 that he would never support gambling industry partnerships or advertising.

However, in March, his father, John, was named a Brand Ambassador by affiliate Meanwhile, three years before his gambling comments, Tyson partnered with B2B gambling supplier SBTech to become a Brand Ambassador at ICE London.

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