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In order to strengthen its position in the Nordics, NordicBet is launching a new communication concept and brand identity.
“Makes sports bigger” aims to demonstrate the group’s passion for sport as well as the supporters’ passion for sport in a “unique and different way.”
The new idea is the first manifestation of Betsson’s new international design and creative hub, which aims to “streamline and scale the company’s work within brand identity and design across Betsson markets.”

Betsson stated that NordicBet is the first brand to be rolled out, with more brands in the group to follow, with help from the company’s Global Brand & Creative team.

“We will be able to leverage marketing campaigns across brands and markets with our new international design hub, creating synergies and efficiencies across the group,” said Betsson Group CCO Ronni Hartvig.

“The Nordics are the forerunners in this type of collaboration, and other markets will follow.”

NordicBet, one of the first sports betting brands in the Nordics to offer bets outside of the world’s top leagues, is now taking new steps to further strengthen its identity with a more cross-market approach, according to Betsson.

“Like the soccer player, the hockey player, or the handball player, many of the supporters and fans have their own routines, or even rituals, which they believe they must do to support their team,” Betsson Group Director of Brand and Creative Kay Hook said. Wearing the team’s shirt, wearing lucky socks, or following the same matchday routines are all ways for fans to show their support for their team and do whatever it takes to win.

“That perception serves as the foundation for NordicBet’s new campaign.” But we’ve taken it a step further, adding genuine emotions, sometimes unusual rituals, and friendships that make sports bigger.”

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