Passport Technology receives DataStream connector acquirer green light in Canada

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Passport Technology has confirmed that its ATM management and access solution, DataStream, has been approved as an Interac Cash connector acquirer.
DataStream, which was founded in the United States in 2003, is a bank-sponsored, proprietary ATM processor that provides ATM, POS, and value-added transaction processing to retail and gaming clients.
Kent Cain, SVP of Platform Operations at Passport, stated: “Passport is extremely proud to support the Interac Cash service.

“We believe that introducing our fully integrated cloud-based ATM processing platform is a significant technological milestone in Canada that will benefit Interac network participants and their debit cardholder base.

“With nearly two decades of ATM processing experience supporting thousands of ATMs in the United States, the DataStream platform is well prepared for a seamless expansion to Canada.””

In 2020, DataStream implemented a cloud-based processing architecture, providing clients with increased reliability, automated redundancy, uptime, and processing security.

Passport Chief Operating Officer Jason King stated: “Enabling the Interac Cash service is a privilege, and Passport values this relationship and significant achievement as an integral part of Canada’s financial system.

“In addition to our industry-leading quasi-cash and loyalty solutions, DataStream enables Passport to provide end-to-end ATM processing and analytics to our Canadian casino customers.”

Passport debuted a new loyalty and rewards system at the Cahuilla Casino Hotel in June.

Customizable games, promotions, and offers are available through the Lush loyalty platform, with operators able to optimize branding, multipliers, and specific promotions via the dedicated Lush app.

Passport has also committed to installing kiosks at the Cahuilla, where players will be able to access features such as “club enrolment, card reprints, dynamic games, and offers.”

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