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During its presentation at G2E Asia, data integration company Qlik revealed research revealing that 72% of people would stop engaging with companies if their data privacy was threatened.
Senior Director of Solutions and Value Engineering Chin Kuan Tan, who delivered the presentation, also mentioned that 76% of them supported hyper-personalization.
Inevitably, this means that gaming companies must walk a fine line between providing personalized service to customers and being cautious with the data they collect.

Tan addressed this directly, saying, “As a consumer, I have a lingering thought, ‘how did they know I was in the casino at the slot machine at that time?'” The line between hyper-personalization and data privacy is thin.”

“The pandemic has been a watershed moment for the gaming and hospitality industries,” Tan added. The industry is experiencing a significant acceleration of digitalization, including personalization and changing consumer behavior.”

The industry’s information and data are frequently used to improve customer experience; however, in casinos, it is specifically used to help the venue direct customer flow.

Meanwhile, Qlik stated that more traditional methods of targeting consumers are no longer as effective, with anonymous marketing having little impact on players in 2022, demonstrating why the push for hyper-personalisation is an important, albeit difficult, method for gaming companies.

So far, Gambling Insider has covered numerous talks at G2E Asia; for more on Macau, Singapore, and other discussion panels, please see our Asia section.

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