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Mido Lotto, an app that allows users to order Powerball and Mega Millions tickets from their mobile devices, has debuted in Montana.
To commemorate the launch, all eligible residents received a free Lottery ticket. The app can be used to send tickets as gifts, play with friends, and claim winnings of up to $600 instantly; larger amounts can be collected using physical tickets that are securely delivered to the players.
As part of the launch, Mido Lotto is also supporting local causes and organizations throughout Montana. In Ennis, for example, the app is collaborating with both the chamber of commerce and the school district to identify the best giveback opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to offer Montanans a safe, convenient, and legitimate way to play lottery draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions,” said Kramer, CEO of Lottery Now, the company behind Mido Lotto. Since 1987, the Montana Lottery has funded critical state programs, and we’re thrilled to be able to support these worthwhile initiatives through incremental ticket sales.

“Mido Lotto attracts mobile customers who would not normally play the lottery in the way it is currently offered, resulting in more contributions going to worthy causes such as public education, safety, and health programs.”

“Players no longer have to worry about missing a draw, misplacing a ticket, or forgetting to claim winnings again,” said Rich Wheeler, President of Lottery Now. Now, busy Montanans can save time by ordering tickets from anywhere in the state – and not miss out on the excitement that the Lottery brings. We’re expecting some big winners in Montana.”

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