AGA releases new edition of responsible gaming guide

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To commemorate Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM) 2022, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has released a new edition of the Responsible Gaming Statutes and Regulations Guide.
This is the guide’s first update since 2019, and it includes a centralized collection of the statutes and regulations addressing responsible gaming in the 34 states where gaming is legal in some form or another (and the District of Columbia).
As of July 1, 2022, the AGA’s guide will contain updated regulatory information pertaining to commercial casinos, sports betting, and iGaming.

Since the AGA’s last update, two new states have legalized land-based casino gaming, 16 states have legalized sports betting (on or off-line), and two states have legalized iGaming.

“While our members’ responsibility commitments go above and beyond what is required of them,” said AGA Strategic Communications & Responsibility VP Cait DeBaun, “this guide is a valuable resource for our industry to maintain its high standards of regulatory compliance in all facets of responsible gaming.”

RGEM month (September), which coincides with the release of the new guide, marks the first time it will raise awareness for a month rather than a week. In other words, it will be known as RGEM month for the first time, rather than RGEM week.

To commemorate the event’s expansion, the AGA has divided it into four themed weeks. From September 1-10, the theme will be to empower customers to play responsibly; from September 11-17, the theme will be how legal, regulated gaming protects players; from September 18-24, the theme will be employees; and from September 25-30, the theme will be how responsible gaming can be advanced through technology.

“Our industry’s focus on responsibility has only grown with the expansion of legal gaming,” DeBaun added.

“RGEM 2022 offers an extended opportunity to highlight our industry’s responsible leadership while strengthening player and employee education.” We are overjoyed that the entire US gaming community will be joining us throughout September.”