Analyst: Camelot withdrawal “good news” for lottery players; but IGT unchanged

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Camelot has confirmed that it has dropped its legal action against the Gambling Commission, following reports from Allwyn that it had dropped its legal action against the Fourth National Lottery Licence.
Lee Richardson, CEO of Gaming Economics and gaming analyst, told Gambling Insider about Camelot’s withdrawal from the appeal: “The news that Camelot has dropped its legal challenge to Allwyn’s contractual handover of the Fourth National Lottery is good news for Allwyn and future lottery players.
The appeals process effectively ‘froze’ the critical two-year transition between Camelot and Allwyn, so we can only hope that today’s news allows that to happen smoothly and quickly. To replace Camelot’s frankly tired and dated proposition, Allwyn needs to create an entirely new retail offering, which will be difficult to complete in time for 2024 with over 40,000 retail outlets.”

Despite the fact that Camelot has withdrawn from the challenge, IGT, Camelot’s technology partner, has not dropped its own award appeal, which means the suspension of the handover will remain in place until it is resolved.

The Gambling Commission emphasized this point in a statement, saying, “We received correspondence from Camelot indicating that they intend to withdraw their appeal and pursue their claim in damages only.” We are not aware of any changes in IGT’s position, so the IGT appeal and suspension will continue until that is resolved.

“We remain steadfast in our belief that we conducted a fair and robust competition, and that our evaluation was conducted fairly and lawfully in accordance with our statutory duties.”