Thrilla’ in Manila: Kazuo Okada’s rivals attempt to retake Okada Manila

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Okada (Japan) Manila is once again at the center of a storm as rival parties attempt to reclaim the casino from Japanese mogul Kazuo Okada.
Social media videos show chaotic scuffles as 50 people posing as casino employees stormed the casino in an attempt to reclaim it.
PAGCOR members were among the 50 who stormed the resort, led by a member of the deposed (by Okada) Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment (TRLEI) Board – who have now deferred to TRLEI’s parent company, Tiger Resorts Asia (TRAL). The Philippine National Police accompanied the members of the group.

This development comes after PAGCOR issued a cease-and-desist order to Okada Manila’s current management (Okada and co) after finalizing a directive for Okada’s TRLEI Board members to be discharged from their roles as casino operators.

The Philippine state operator-turned-regulator had previously ordered Okada’s TRLEI Board to stop distributing funds from the casino’s gaming cage, which it did not do.

However, Okada has been protected by a Status Quo Ante Order (SQAO) issued by the Supreme Court of the Philippines since retaking the casino. According to the SQAO, he should be reinstated as CEO and Chairman of TRLEI.

However, PAGCOR has stated that it should not stand unless Okada and company can present “valid authority” to back up statements made by the SQAO.

PAGCOR’s position on Okada’s SQAO was also reaffirmed in an opinion issued yesterday by the Philippines’ Department of Justice secretary (1 September 2022).

According to the most recent information, Okada’s security personnel have barricaded themselves in the basement car park leading to the casino entrance.