Universal Entertainment and Tiger Resort Asia reclaim Okada Manila

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According to Universal Entertainment, Tiger Resort Asia (TRAL) has retaken control of Okada Manila.
The casino had been run by Kazuo Okada, an ex-Board member of Tiger Resort Leisure & Entertainment (TRLEI) who was fired years ago after allegations of money laundering and embezzlement.
Okada stormed the Okada Manila and removed the existing TRLEI board members after receiving a Status Quo Anter Order (SQAO) from the Philippine Supreme Court stating that he should be reinstated.

Okada had control of the casino since the spring, but it has now been reclaimed after members of TRLEI’s parent company TRAL – which is owned by Universal Entertainment – posed as casino employees and took control on Friday, September 2, 2022.

TRAL members were accompanied by PAGCOR and police officers when they reclaimed control on September 2. According to reports on Friday, Okada security personnel barricaded themselves in the casino’s parking lot.

Despite videos and reports depicting clearly violent scenes, Universal claims the casino’s reopening has been “generally peaceful.”

Furthermore, the Philippines’ regulator PAGCOR has stated that it is withdrawing its recognition of Okada and its party as the casino’s legitimate operating partner.

It has also directed casino employees and Okada’s Filipino partners to cease disbursing funds from the property’s coffers.

However, it appears Okada may be exempt from any further PAGCOR repercussions. The operator claims Okada’s SQAO would be recognized, but only in relation to Okada and not his co-conspirators.

As a result, Okada appears to be set to keep his position as a stockholder, director, Chairman, and CEO of the resort.

This is still under investigation, with Okada accused of shredding legal documents when TRAL stormed the casino.

Bryon Yip, the former President of Okada Manila, has been reinstated as a result of a PAGCOR order. Okada’s group claims that PAGCOR has defied Supreme Court orders and that it will take legal action.

As of Sunday, PAGCOR claimed that “business as usual” at the Okada Manila, despite board changes.