AstroPay appoints Sofía Lanza as new Chief Banking Officer

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AstroPay, a payment solution that works closely with gaming companies, has appointed Sofa Lanza as Chief Banking Officer.
Sofa previously served as AstroPay’s Chief Corporate Department, and in her new position, she will be in charge of developing and managing the company’s relationships with global banking and payment service providers.
She has a strong legal background, having graduated from Universidad de Montevideo’s law school and working as a Legal Advisor at Astropay in 2018.

“Sofa is the perfect professional to assume this new position because she has a deep knowledge of the company’s expansion strategy to become the number one payments provider globally,” said AstroPay CEO Mikael Lijtenstein.

“She brings a wealth of experience to a fast-paced company like AstroPay, and her leadership and expertise are invaluable to the company.” Her passion for innovation and growth is closely aligned with our mission, and I am thrilled to be working with her to accelerate the adoption of our solutions by financial institutions worldwide.”

“I have been impressed with AstroPay’s strong growth and exceptional journey thus far,” Sofa continued, “and I am making the most of this new opportunity the company has provided me.”

“It is both inspiring and rewarding to work with a multi-cultural team that is extremely driven and passionate about innovation.” AstroPay is expanding its operations, reaching users all over the world and making payments available to anyone, regardless of location, language, or financial situation.”

AstroPay, a digital wallet used by customers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, was founded in 2009.

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