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The Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company (HOFV) has signed a 10-year mobile sports betting agreement with Betr, making Betr the official mobile sports betting partner of HOFV.
According to the terms of the agreement, HOFV will acquire a limited equity stake in Betr in exchange for revenue sharing and opportunities for cross-marketing and engagement with both companies’ consumers.
“This partnership amplifies two of our key business verticals in gaming and media, to further our strategic goal of constantly creating new and unique sports content and experiences for our fans and guests to enjoy,” said HOFV President and CEO Michael Crawford.

“Betr positions our company to obtain the necessary licenses to make a significant impact in the mobile betting space, generating meaningful value for our stakeholders.”

Betr, a direct-to-consumer micro-betting sports betting platform, was announced this month by social media personality Jake Paul and Simplebet Co-Founder Joey Levy.

“We are excited to partner with HOFV on the launch of the world’s first micro-betting focused app in Ohio,” Levy said.

“We are confident that this partnership will be a success because of our differentiated product, combined with our sports media company built for the next generation of sports fans, as well as HOFV’s strengths and access to unique content experiences in Ohio and across the country.”

“As part of this agreement, we are also pleased that HOFV has taken an equity position in Betr, allowing us to preserve cash while providing HOFV upside in Betr’s success.”

HOFV appointed Rob Borm as EVP of Gaming in March, as the company sought to capitalize on “significant revenue opportunities within the gaming sector.”

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