EQL agrees to supply Michigan with iLottery games and products

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The Michigan Lottery has signed an agreement with EQL Games to provide digital content via its iLottery platform.
Initially, third-party game developer Present Creative will deliver gaming content, but the agreement allows EQL to create more in the future. The agreement also marks the first lottery industry agreement for EQL and Present Creative’s new partnership, which was announced earlier this week.
As North America’s longest-running state Lottery, EQL will integrate its remote game server with the Michigan Lottery, making Present Creative’s products instantly available to consumers.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Michigan Lottery, especially in the digital space where so much is possible,” EQL CEO Brad Cummings said following the announcement.

“With this agreement, we look forward to providing exciting new content to the Michigan Lottery for many years to come while also assisting them in maintaining their market leader status.”

“We have high hopes for the Present Creative team and game portfolio, and we are eager to see how these innovative games can boost the Lottery’s returns in a highly competitive gaming marketplace.”

The announcement comes just a week after an unidentified winner from Illinois claimed the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

As several US states begin to open up and legalize gambling on a state level, some have done so more quickly than others.

For example, Massachusetts recently failed to reach an agreement on how to allow iLottery products to operate within the state.

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