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Timothy Pearson, a retired Police Department Inspector and Mayor Eric Adams confidant, recently left his position as an executive at New York City’s only casino.
This comes after The New York Times reported that he was being paid by both the casino and the Adams administration.
Pearson was hired as Adviser for Public Safety by the Mayor under an agreement that allowed him to keep his job at the casino (where he was Security VP) while collecting his police pension. Pearson’s salary from his city-paid position was not disclosed by the Mayor’s office.

Pearson was receiving city and Resorts World salaries, as well as his police pension.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation announced the discovery in May 2022.

His appointment as a Senior Adviser for public safety and Covid recovery came at a time when the casino was looking to expand its operations in New York City. His new position at City Hall, according to watchdogs, created a conflict of interest.

“Tim is a distinguished hero who served the city for many years as a leader at NYPD,” Resorts World said in a statement about Pearson’s departure. Tim has spent over a decade using those same skills to keep our facility and community safe.

“We applaud his decision to contribute his expertise to the city’s efforts to make our streets safer, and we wish him well.”

Resorts World did not disclose Pearson’s salary as an executive, and Pearson declined to comment on any of the issues.

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