APE brings D-27 slot cabinet to casino floor of Macau IR

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Asia Pioneer Entertainment (APE) and its distribution partner Jumbo Technology have brought their D-27 slot cabinet to the casino gaming floor of one of Macau’s largest integrated resorts (IR).
The D-27 slot cabinet has a 27-inch dual screen and a 10.1-inch configurable button touch panel, as well as the progressive jackpot links “Fortune Treasure” and “Golden Horse Treasure.”
The D-27 cabinet was recently approved for the Macau market and will soon be compliant with the DICJ 2.0 standard.

Allen Hsu, VP Jumbo Interactive Department, stated, “APE is one of our most trustworthy partners, with extensive gaming experience and industrial knowledge.” We appreciate APE’s assistance with the installation of the D-27 slot cabinet.

“Those products have established track records and received high praise in various regions since their initial release.” We anticipate that the D-27 slot cabinet with progressive jackpot link will perform well on the Macau casino gaming floor in the future.”

“The D-27 is an innovative product that Jumbo has exerted their utmost efforts by utilizing past experiences in the development of their popular products,” said Vicky Chan, APE, Assistant General Manager of Corporate Sales and Marketing.

“We expect Macau players to enjoy the credible experience that the cabinet and jackpot feature brought with the ergonomic D-27 slot cabinet and those popular features.”

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