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Major League Baseball (MLB) issued a statement praising Prop 27’s sports integrity provisions.
MLB also lauded the initiative’s potential to bring a secure and responsible online sports betting market to California.
The online sports gambling proposition, titled Corporate Online Gambling Prop, or Proposition 27, is funded by out-of-state corporations in order to legalize online and mobile sports betting in the state of California.

MLB believes Prop 27 has the potential to provide a suitable alternative to illegal offshore betting for its fans, and the organization has outlined three major reasons why the bill should be introduced.

“As legalized sports betting spreads across the country,” MLB said in a statement, “Major League Baseball remains committed to protecting the integrity of its games and creating a safe experience for fans who wish to wager on those games.”

“Proposition 27 – the only measure on California’s upcoming ballot that would legalize and regulate online sports betting – contains strong integrity provisions designed to assist MLB in meeting those commitments.” For example, the bill would (1) require sportsbook operators to notify leagues of suspicious wagering activity, (2) allow leagues to propose restrictions on betting markets that are especially vulnerable to manipulation, and (3) facilitate other forms of integrity-related cooperation between the state, leagues, and operators.

“MLB believes that Prop 27 contains the safeguards necessary to establish a safe and responsible online sports betting market in California – a state with millions of MLB fans seeking alternatives to illegal offshore betting sites.”

Prop 27 is currently a contentious issue, with the California Democratic Party revealing its ballot measure endorsements for November last month, but not Prop 27.

The party voted against legalizing online sports betting, which is supported by commercial operators, while remaining neutral on Prop 26, the Tribal Sports Wagering Act, which would legalize sports betting at tribal locations and horseracing tracks.

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