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Internet Vikings has announced the launch of its hosting services in Louisiana.
According to the provider, “research clearly reveals that Louisiana has long held a concrete policy that prohibited all forms of online gambling.” However, the state will officially recognize and legalize sports betting in June 2021, followed by retail and online participation in October 2021 and January 2022, respectively. Commercial and tribal casinos, as well as racetracks and online businesses, are all legally permitted operators.
“This is a tremendous accomplishment for us,” Internet Vikings CTO Victor Jerlin said. “As it finally welcomes the online gaming community, Louisiana holds a wealth of opportunities.”

“We’ve seen exponential growth in this lucrative sector, and being at the forefront allows us to provide a plethora of critical services to businesses of all sizes.”

Internet Vikings launched in Baton Rouge in December 2021, having already obtained the necessary licenses to legally operate and establish customer bases in New Jersey and Michigan. The provider also stated that it has already targeted several additional US states that are in the process of regulating online gaming.

“At Internet Vikings, we have worked tirelessly to develop solutions that are far different from other hosting companies, with more innovative services that are uniquely tailored to each individual client,” said CEO Rickard Vikström.

“We look forward to continuing in this direction in light of our steady growth and expanding customer base.” We are pleased to be operating in Louisiana and will continue to work to expand our presence in the United States.”

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