Italian tennis umpire banned for several years over match-fixing offences

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The International Tennis Integrity Agency has confirmed that national-level Italian tennis chair umpire and line judge Lorenzo Chiurazzi has been banned from the sport for seven and a half years (ITIA).
Furthermore, the ITIA imposed a $50,000 fine on Chiurazzi, $33,500 of which was suspended.
Chiurazzi was accused of breaking a number of rules during a tournament in Perugia in 2021. Infractions included delaying score input, intentionally entering incorrect scores, failing to cooperate with the subsequent investigation, and failing to report corruption.

He was found guilty of several charges, including gambling offenses under Section D.1.b, deliberate misrepresentation of scores under Section D.1.m, and direct and indirect contrivance of event outcomes under Section D.1.d of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program.

Chiurazzi, who admitted the charges, was dealt with through the ITIA’s ‘Proposal for Disposition’ process, which allows sanctions to be issued without a hearing if the offenses are admitted.

The ban went into effect on August 12 and is set to last until February 11, 2030. Chiurazzi will be barred from officiating or attending any tennis event authorized or sanctioned by any international tennis governing body or national association during this time.

The ITIA issued a provisional suspension to national-level umpire Francesco Totaro in July, pending the outcome of an investigation into alleged match-fixing violations.

Three Tunisian umpires were given multi-year bans for manipulating tennis scores the same week.

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