21 Wilds Slots

Excellent reputation
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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesCard Games, Casino, Blackjack

Casino-themed slots like this one are often overlooked by players due to their simplicity. Blackjack is a popular card game and the slot game 21 Wilds pays tribute to it.

In 21 Wilds, you play on a 5 x 4 grid with suitable card game symbols like the playing cards four suits, face cards, poker chips, and winning hands. All it takes to win is a trio or greater of matching symbols on one of the nine paylines. Two symbols offer payouts with a pair or greater.

Explore the Paytable and Prizes

Bets start at a penny per line for a 9-cent wager if you activate all paylines, and goes to $15, which puts the max bet at $135. The two symbols in 21 Wilds that award a prize with two, three, four, or five matching symbols are:

  • Winning Blackjack Hand – 2, 10, 20, or 120 coins
  • Spade – 2, 10, 18, or 100 coins

After that, the prizes are:

  • Diamond and Club – 8, 16, or 75 coins
  • Heart and Ace – 6, 12, or 60 coins
  • King or Queen – 4, 8, or 45 coins
  • Jack and 10 – 3, 6, or 30 coins

The Blackjack Wild doesn’t award a prize, but it does help you win extra cash. The Poker Chip Scatter triggers the bonus round and pays 2x.

Check Out the Bonus Features

Losing spins grow a multiplier at the top of the reels. Each losing spin fills this meter, and it keeps going until you win. It does max out at 16x.

When the reels stop and reveal at least three scatters, you win five free spins. The Treasure Chest bonus symbol triggers the game’s final bonus feature. This bonus feature wasn’t easy to trigger. It took well over 200 spins, and it’s a pick ‘em game that didn’t offer prizes anywhere close to how much we’d bet trying to activate it.

How Did We Do?

In any of our reviews, we always test the game by selecting a wager and playing for 10 rounds. This was our experience using a $1 coin value for a $9 per spin wager.

  • 1st spin - $4
  • 3rd spin - $3
  • 5th spin - $3

It wasn’t the best experience with a 30% hit percentage, but there’s something else to consider. With each losing spin, a Winning Multiplier at the top increases by 1x and keeps growing until you land a win. Because of this, our next winning spin paid $15 ($3 times the 5x multiplier). It’s that growing multiplier that makes 21 Wilds a thrilling game for players.