Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Excellent reputation
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Types5-reel, 3D, video
ThemesFood, Sweets, Popular Games

You’re in for a really exciting experience when you play Sugar Pop 2: Double-Dipped slots. Before we dive into our review, here are the top things to know about the game.

  • It’s a cluster-pays slot game.
  • It’s played on a 7 x 7 game grid.
  • Winnings can be gambled to double them.
  • It has a game RTP of 96.46% and is medium volatility.

The Paytable and Prizes Are Simple to Understand

There’s a lot about Sugar Pop 2: Double-Dipped slots that we love, and the paytable is one of them. It’s laid out to be clear and concise.

Standard Symbols:

  • 32 cents per Pink Candy
  • 48 cents per Purple Candy
  • 64 cents per Orange Candy

Mid-Value Symbols:

  • 80 cents per Yellow Candy
  • 96 cents per Green Candy
  • $1.30 per Blue Candy

High-Value Symbols:

  • $1.60 per Red Candy

All symbols explode and fall from the grid when you have a winning cluster of four or more symbols. This makes it possible to win multiple times on one spin. If you wish your prize was larger, the Double Up Game allows you to double your prize. You can gamble 50% of it or all of it through a coin flip.

Win Free Spins With the FS Symbols

Clusters of FS symbols award free spins. You need at least four in the cluster to get five free spins. The number of free spins increases by two with each additional FS symbol in the closer. If you get 15 of them, you have 27 free spins.

Explore the Additional Bonus Features

Free spins aren’t the end of the bonus features. Candy Wild symbols appear when there’s a cluster of five or more symbols. Those symbols explode and leave a wild in their place.

When you have winning clusters of five or more, a Candy Bomb goes off and removes the spaces around it. A cluster of five leaves six empty spaces, while six leaves nine empty spots. Once you get a cluster of 10 or more, you end up with 20 empty spots.

To the right of the game grid is a meter. When you fill that meter, you advance to another level. When you do, you win a cash prize and a new special symbol appears. The special symbols are:

  • Level 1 – Gumdrop: Absorbs symbols of the same color and explodes.
  • Level 5 – Caramel Chew: Travels around the grid and removes other symbols.
  • Level 9 – Candy Cane: Removes symbols in the same row and column.
  • Level 13 – Lollipop: Shuffles all symbols on the grid.
  • Level 17 – Fizzy Pop Candy: Explodes random symbols.
  • Level 21 – Jelly Bean Cannon: Shoots random symbols onto the grid to create explosions.
  • Level 25 – Morphing Golden Wild: Replaces adjacent candies with wilds.
  • Level 29 – Sweet Hammer: Hits the grid up to nine times to smash symbols off the grid.

While this is a cluster-pays game, the fixed bet is 50 times your coin value. Coin values range from 1 cent to $2 for a max bet of $100. We chose an 8-cent ($4) wager for our review.

  • 1st spin - $3.52
  • 3rd spin - $7.28
  • 5th spin - $1.92
  • 6th spin - $5.92
  • 8th spin - $13.12
  • 9th spin - $2.40 and leveled up
  • 10th spin - $6.40

A 70% hit percentage is one of the many reasons we recommend Sugar Pop: Double-Dipped slots. It’s so much fun, there’s always something changing, which leaves you on your toes, and there’s a gamble feature if you wish you had bigger prizes. Definitely play this candy-themed slot and see what happens.