Bubble Bubble 3 Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesHorror, Magic, Holidays

What’s better than one or two friendly witches? How about three of them? Bubble Bubble 3 slots brings back Wanda and Winni Witch, but they introduce their sister, Willow, too. We’re excited to share our slot game review of this witch-themed game.

Generosity Abounds on the Paytable

Bubble Bubble 3 offers some of the most generous payouts we’ve found online. Here’s a breakdown of the prizes based on three, four, and five, or two, three, four, and five matching symbols on one of the 50 paylines.

  • 9, 10, and Jack – 3, 15, and 60
  • King, Queen, and Ace – 5, 20, and 75
  • Toadstool and Witches Hat – 6, 50, and 200
  • Potion – 10, 75, and 300
  • Spell Book – 3, 30, 300, and 1,000
  • Cauldron – 3, 30, 300, and 1,000
  • Crystal Ball – 2x, 3x, 6x, and 33x

The value of the witches also must be discussed. Willow only appears on the first reel and has black hair. Wanda is blonde and appears on the fifth reel. When either are on their respective reels, they expand and double your payout. If both appear together, prizes quadruple.

Winni has red hair and is only seen during Winni Returns. You’ll learn more about this in the bonus features area of our review.

No matter what appears on the reels or whether you’re in a special feature or the base game, winnings top out at 50,000x per spin.

Explore the Numerous Special Features

It’s time to dive in and check out all of the bonus features, and we have a number of them to cover.

Winni’s Magic:

Winni may trigger Winni’s Hextastic Symbols or Winni’s Magic Scatter after any base game spin. Winni’s Hextastic Symbols is a bonus where Winni turns low-paying symbols into high-paying ones.

Winni’s Magic Scatter occurs when two scatters appear from left to right. Winni will zap the third reel to try to get a third scatter for you.

Mega Magic Feature:

There are three Mega Magic Features triggered when three or more scatters appear on the reels from left to right.

  • Mega Magic-Crystal Ball Re-Spins: Win three re-spins with Crystal Balls frozen in place. Add additional Crystal Balls and reset the re-spins counter. Keep going until you run out of re-spins or fill every space with a Crystal Ball, at which point you win the Grand Jackpot. If you run out of re-spins, the value of all the frozen symbols is tallied and awarded.
  • Mega Magic-Wilder Witches: 9 free spins with the witch sisters adding a special feature that includes 33 additional free spins, a wild third reel, or both. During Wilder Witches, if you don’t win, you get 100x. If you win 10x or less, you get an instant cash prize. Anything else awards a random prize of 5 to 100x.
  • Mega Magic-Winni Returns: 20 free spins with up to nine Winni Wild symbols on the reels for each free spin.

Become Amazed by the Gorgeous Game Design

We love the design of Bubble Bubble 3. It does have a cartoonish feel to it, but the animations draw your attention to everything happening. The layout of the menu options, betting options that range from 50 cents to $50, and game speed settings are easy to find.

The audio is easily turned on and off from the menu. The sisters make sounds when they’re on the reels. Winning combinations and scatters add quick notes to alert you to their presence.

It’s part of our review mechanics to set a wager and spin the reels 10 times. We feel this is the best way to give a game a thorough inspection. We opted for a $5 per spin wager and got started.

  • 3rd spin – Re-spin bonus triggered and awarded $50
  • 6th spin - $4.50
  • 9th spin – Wilder Witches triggered $33 plus another $25 from the Win-Win feature

That’s the best part of Bubble Bubble 3. The scatters appeared constantly and triggering bonus features was much easier than we expected. Few games award bonus features this often, and that made this game a must-play for us.